About Us

Who is C.O.R.E.?

Couch Off-Road Engineering (C.O.R.E.) is first and foremost name that stands for excellence in Unimog and G-Wagen. Our commitment to perfection and 30 years of experience have made C.O.R.E. the number one authority in everything Unimog & G-Wagen.


C.O.R.E. Parts, is our online store that combines competitive prices and expert advice all in one place. We can provide almost any part for your Unimog or G-Wagen and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or requests. Technical consultations help you get the most out of your Unimog. We can help you develop a plan for tackling your project, offer quality parts, and accessories. C.O.R.E. is the ultimate source for everything Unimog & G-Wagen.


What have we accomplished?

“Bam Bam” is our pride and joy, it is our race vehicle that has been featured in countless articles and has a documentary about it on Amazon Prime. Furthermore, our off-road vehicle custom fabrication runs the gamut from recreational 4WD rigs to heavy-duty expedition designs for getting to the farthest reaches on the planet. We’ve built emergency vehicles suitable for rescues in the most extreme of emergencies. Finally, many of our vehicles have become workhorses for construction, mining, and agricultural fields all over the world.

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